The first single from the new No Doubt album dropped…

The first single from the new No Doubt album dropped early. 

Hear Settle Down first right here on Blue Sky + leave your thoughts below!



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I am made of blue sky and hard rock and I will live this way forever. I am an Indie Music Resource and Artist Services Company- a boutique artist development company. I am the first born child to BSHR Entertainment. My sister is BSHR Magazine. Our father, Broadway Recording Company is kind of old-fashioned, so it makes sense that our step-brother is a VIP Vinyl Club that sometimes goes by "Blue Sky on Broadway." He presses limited edition 7" colored vinyl records and mails them to subscribers! We are each into such a wide variety of musical genres that we have a hard time choosing which venue to hang out at most nights, but the one place we always agree on is our uncle's recording studio: Farewell Studios. Between all of us, we offer Music and Mobile Tour Management, Booking, Career Development, Publicity, Marketing, Social Media, Start-Up Consultations and web/graphic design. Please visit me anytime- I love to help or entertain music makers and shakers from all over the globe! You can stop by or you can try me at the office: [☮♥♪] bshr

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