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Listen to Beady Eye’s new track, “Flick of the…

Listen to Beady Eye’s new track, “Flick of the Finger”. Liam Gallagher   shared today in his twitter account the tracklist of their forthcoming album, Be, which was produced by David Sitek and will be  released on June 10th in the UK and on the 11th in the US.

1. Flick of the Finger
2. Soul Love
3. Face the Crowd
4. Second Bite of the Apple
5. Soon Come Tomorrow
6. Iz Rite
7. I’m Just Saying
8. Don’t Bother Me
9. Shine a Light
10. Ballroom Figured
11. Start Anew
12. Dreaming of Some Space (deluxe version)
13. The World’s Not Set in Stone (deluxe version)
14. Back After The Break (deluxe version)
15. Off at The Next Exit (deluxe version)