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It’s almost here. . . BSHR Magazine + Free Winter Sampler

Hey guys,

    It was my intention to bring you the magazine earlier this week if not by today and the sampler tomorrow.

    Bear Mountain agreed to do a last minute interview with us last night and I can’t wait to share it with you not only because the band is great but also because they are great guys, and this interview expanded even my own perception of bands and music and the industry. It made me even more thankful that I get a chance to experience it all and share that with you

    However, the Entertainment sector of BSHR demanded much of my attention today and you will soon find out why, but in the meantime I wanted to update everyone to let you know that both the issue and the sampler will be online and available to everyone for free tomorrow (Friday 12/21).

    Yes, there is a gift guide but my favorite thing about it is that these are excellent resources and products to give year round because they are Gifts that GIVE BACK to charity. So I hope you won’t find the information to be irrelevant just because your holiday shopping may be complete.

    I am really proud of this issue and the team for putting together some awesome pieces for it.

    I want to leave you with something this evening still…

    If you have yet to check out the Next Soundcloud (the new soundcloud that is now known simply as the actual “Soundcloud”) I highly suggest you jump in. The team over there has obviously put a ton of thought and consideration into an excellent new design and some much-appreciated and useful new features. I feel it’s a lot more social and a great service for music lovers as well as music makers. I expect you will find the same.

This is our new Sky Streaming playlist we were able to put together with the new features of Soundcloud and YAY it’s HTML 5 so enjoy your mobile listening as well.

Come back to us tomorrow to read a lot of great news, reviews and interviews in the new issue and download your free BSHR Winter Sampler.


Ugly Trash Demon, “You, Me, and FFC” I cannot say…

Ugly Trash Demon, “You, Me, and FFC”

You, Me, and, FFCI cannot say enough warm kind things about this band and this song right now. Thanks to UTD for submitting and suggesting it!

Immediately upon listening, I felt my heart comforted by a familiar feeling of acoustic melodies that were followed by a charming voice that somehow sang in facets- strength and talent and experience confidence yet also portraying vulnerability and gentleness…

It can transport you to an open field festival, a breezy warm summer dusk. There may be hundreds of people sharing in the song and serenity with you, and while you feel the connection it brings, you also get a sense of being the only one sitting on the grass as you are serenaded by a voice that at many times sounds a lot like Adam Duritz of Counting Crows.

For a nostalgic nineties dame (er as the case may be: gentleman) it only adds to the sweet embrace of this tune. Then quite honestly the most unexpected surprise comes in the form of horns, brilliantly complimenting the notes the swirl around you. It happens to be perfect if you were heading down 90’s Memory Lane since in the back of your mind you may now hear Mustard Plug or Dishwalla humming quietly and respectfully as to not overwhelm or take away from what is obviously a core of well-crafted indie acoustics.

In case you are reading instead of listening and think I am saying these guys are old-school and their music belongs in another decade… you are 180 degrees off! The song screams suitable for the “indie/folk/alt” craze of today while not coming off as generic or cookie cutter. The song and this band stand strongly on their own and I get the sense of some staying power in them, as Juana would say “I can see a future in you, UTD”

Thanks again for sharing this with us and anyone else out there on the other end of the scree- let us know what you think of this one!

BRAND NEW from Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles released their new song Wrath of God yesterday via Soundcloud where you can also download the track for free! Click below to stream and/or download now!

Poor Moon Album Stream from Subpop

Stream the self-titled release from Poor Moon below + let us know what you think!

New Four Tet

New as in only hours old! Here us “Lion” from Four Tet. Enjoy …